1 mei 2020

1. &Other Stories polkadot dress: here | 2. Nike Spiridon sneaker: here | 3. Maison Margiela top: here | 4. NA-KD blazer: here | 5. Fashionology Hoop earrings: here | 6. Saint Laurent sunglasses: here | 7. American Vintage jumper: here

So today it is May already. Time has really flown by in my opinion since this lockdown first started… I can’t believe almost 2 months have passed now since it all happened. Hopefully everyone is doing okay <3 I really can’t wait to finally go outside and wear ‘normal’ clothes again. These days I mostly wear loungewear since I (like everyone else) work from home all day. I made a little wish-list with things I would like to buy and wear when I go for my daily walk outside. In the carroussel below you can shop more of my favourite spring items. I hope you like!

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30 april 2020

Let’s start the day with some reading inspiration! We are all probably a little done with this lockdown by now. I tried to spend a lot of time reading books that were on my list for a while. There are still many on that list I haven’t read yet and I wanted to share it with you, so you hopefully could get some book inspiration from it too 🙂



29 april 2020

The Ordinary review – reklame

The Ordinary review

I wanted to show you guys my favourite beauty products at the moment and do a little The Ordinary review. Recently I discovered this brand and after I gave it a try I really liked it for my skin. Normally my skin is very sensitive so I have to be extremely careful with what products I use. I always use my favourite Chanel daycreme (get it here) but I have been looking for a good serum and facemask to use next to this creme. In the photo above you can see a facemask from the Ordinary which I use now (and love!) and a Lactic Acid serum which I am also a big fan of. It leaves my skin really really soft and bright.

If you are curious you can check some other products from The Ordinary here. These products have really worked wonders for my skin and I can definitely recommend everyone to start using these products. What also is a big plus in my opinion is that these products are really affordable, which is amazing!

The Ordinary review

Other products on the photo are from two of my favourite beauty brands ever: Tromborg and Kevin Murphy. From Tromborg I absolutely love their lip balm (get it here) their handcreme, deodorant and many more. It all smells so delicious.

Also in the photo you can see the hairspray from Kevin Murphy that I normally use almost everyday (when we are not in a quarantine), but besides this product I also use Kevin Murphy shampoo (I usually use the Blonde Angel or Hydrate Me), conditioner, hair masks and Young Again hair oil. You can check out all their great products here and see which one suit you best.

the ordinary review

Have you ever tried these products before? If yes let me know in the comments!

photos: all mine


14 februari 2020
iDeal of Sweden discount code

Happy Valentines day everyone 🙂 I hope you are all having a lovely day today. My Valentines day will be celebrated with friends this year, with a cosy dinner and a movie at the cinema. Also I just got these new phone cases from iDeal of Sweden which I really like and wanted to show you! You can click here to visit their website and see what other cool cases they have. You can use my discount code SHOPID15 to get 15% discount on everything!

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10 februari 2020

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite pieces Safira jewelry. Safira is a brand I recently discovered and now I am absolutely in love with so many of their pieces. I love this brand because everything is made out of silver or gold so you know the quality is good and you won’t get an allergic reaction like most people have when they wear ”fake” silver or gold jewelry. It was my birthday last weekend so these pieces of jewelry were my first birthday gift 🙂 My mom actually took these photos of me yesterday before the big storm Ciara hit Amsterdam, hence why my hair is blowing everywhere.

safira necklace
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2 februari 2020

These are some similar jumpers to the one I am wearing in the photos. You can click the photos or find them here. Mine is from Zara but it is sold out unfortunately.

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27 januari 2020

Good morning guys! I have a little gift for you. Shop your new wall-decoration with this Desenio discount code DSKT0210 and get 10% off your entire purchase.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite posters, but I really can’t decide! Which one do you like best? If you want to have a look at their website follow this link: desenio.com. Do not forget to use my code DSKT0210 when checking out, so you will get a 10% discount on all the posters (except for personalised ones). The code is valid until February 24 2020.

pics: all courtesy of Desenio



26 januari 2020
healthy green smoothie

Green smoothies for breakfast are my favourite, but I normally I never eat breakfast since I am doing intermittent fasting at the moment. However, sometimes on a Sunday I like to make an exception and have a little breakfast when I wake up. Sunday is my favourite day of the week because you can sleep in, be lazy and relax all day. I usually make a healthy green smoothie for breakfast and drink that together with my coffee with almond milk. Since I am such a fan of these smoothies I wanted to share the recipe with you!

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12 december 2019
gluten-free vegan recipe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The other day when my friend was visiting me we made this delicious gluten-free vegan recipe. I am not a vegan but I try to eat vegan when I can for both health and environmental reasons. This recipe came to life when we actually wanted to make a lasagne, but the lasagne sheets were sold out, so we made it with pasta! The title already sounds so healthy haha but it also is, and super easy to make! All you need for 4 people is:

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