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3 december 2018

I have always been a big fan of rosemary. I love the taste and I have become slightly addicted to rosemary tea the last couple of weeks. Rosemary tea does not only taste really good, but it also has a great number of health benefits! I did not know it was so healthy until I did a little research and found out how good it actually is for your body. A scientific study by the society of neuroscience even found that the antioxidants found in rosemary can improve your cognitive memory. Crazy right?

This green spice does not only benefit your mind, but it also benefits your skin a lot.

Rosemary is a natural botox because it fights the premature aging of your skin. It makes your skin more elastic and decreases age spots. Rosemary also has anti-inflammatory benefits, so it is a perfect drink when you are not feeling too well. Last but not least, these little green things are super good for your hair! To have it work even better, for your scalp as well, you can use some rosemary oil and moisturize your scalp with it at night before you go to sleep. Rumour has it that it helps your hair grow healthier and it can fight grey hairs. I dye my hair grey on purpose so that benefit does not count for me, but I never say no to healthier hair.

And the healthy drink looks like this ghehe.

I don’t know about you but I am going to make myself another cup of this rosemary tea. Normally I blend it with green tea with ginger as well, so it get’s even healthier.

This is my favorite mask from lush. If you have not tried it yet, do it!

Me in a cozy yamaha sweater I found in a second-hand store in amsterdam the other day.

Amsterdam has so many good second-hand stores so it is quite hard to control myself around here, if you are into second-hand stuff as much as I am.


Netflix and no chill but a lot of work today haha.


I will post more interior pictures of my new apartment soon.

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