12 december 2019
gluten-free vegan recipe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The other day when my friend was visiting me we made this delicious gluten-free vegan recipe. I am not a vegan but I try to eat vegan when I can for both health and environmental reasons. This recipe came to life when we actually wanted to make a lasagne, but the lasagne sheets were sold out, so we made it with pasta! The title already sounds so healthy haha but it also is, and super easy to make! All you need for 4 people is:


500 grams of (gluten-free) pasta (we made it with lentil and chickpea pasta)

500 grams of cherry tomatoes

1 courgette

2 red onions

250 grams mushrooms

500 ml unsweetened almond milk

2 table spoons of nutritional yeast

Vegan cheese

2 table spoons coconut oil

4 big spoons of maizena (to bind the sauce)



The 5 easy steps to cook this vegan recipe:

Put the cherry tomatoes and the chopped onions in a oven dish and put them in the oven for approx. 20 minutes on 200 degrees (celsius).

Meanwhile, cook the pasta and chop the courgette and the mushrooms.

For the sauce: put the almond milk in a saucepan and mix it with the maizena while it is still cold (this is very important otherwise the sauce will get lumpy). Then slowly heat the temperature and keep stirring until the sauce cooks a little and you feel it getting thicker. Then add salt, pepper and the nutritional yeast to flavour it.

When the tomatoes and the onions have been in the oven for 20 minutes, take them out and put them in a bowl with a little water. Then blend it all to create a smooth sauce for the pasta.

Now to finish it all: mix the courgette, mushrooms, sauce and pasta together in a big bowl. Then put the mix in another (or the same) ovenproof dish you used for the tomatoes and last but not least, add the white almond-milk sauce on top. Then add the cheese on top and voil√°! Your dish is ready to go back in the oven. Now you only have to bake it 15 minutes on 200 degrees to get the cheese to melt a little and then dinner is ready. Enjoy!

p.s. You can also add some of your favourite herbs in the end to give it a little extra taste.

Gluten-free vegan pasta dish
gluten-free vegan recipe

I hope you enjoy this gluten-free vegan recipe and if you do, please let me know in the comments.

X – Kirsten

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