29 april 2020

The Ordinary review – reklame

The Ordinary review

I wanted to show you guys my favourite beauty products at the moment and do a little The Ordinary review. Recently I discovered this brand and after I gave it a try I really liked it for my skin. Normally my skin is very sensitive so I have to be extremely careful with what products I use. I always use my favourite Chanel daycreme (get it here) but I have been looking for a good serum and facemask to use next to this creme. In the photo above you can see a facemask from the Ordinary which I use now (and love!) and a Lactic Acid serum which I am also a big fan of. It leaves my skin really really soft and bright.

If you are curious you can check some other products from The Ordinary here. These products have really worked wonders for my skin and I can definitely recommend everyone to start using these products. What also is a big plus in my opinion is that these products are really affordable, which is amazing!

The Ordinary review

Other products on the photo are from two of my favourite beauty brands ever: Tromborg and Kevin Murphy. From Tromborg I absolutely love their lip balm (get it here) their handcreme, deodorant and many more. It all smells so delicious.

Also in the photo you can see the hairspray from Kevin Murphy that I normally use almost everyday (when we are not in a quarantine), but besides this product I also use Kevin Murphy shampoo (I usually use the Blonde Angel or Hydrate Me), conditioner, hair masks and Young Again hair oil. You can check out all their great products here and see which one suit you best.

the ordinary review

Have you ever tried these products before? If yes let me know in the comments!

photos: all mine

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